Monday, April 18

Our Engagement Photos

I realized I never publicly shared these, so for anyone who would like to see click HERE

The password is my maiden name.

Lily and Paddy did an awesome job and captured precious moments during our Beloved Session.


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Oh yay! I am so glad you shared. WONDERFUL! I know the jest of what Paddy & Lily were doing but oh to know what was being asked & what you 2 were saying to one another! looked like you 2 were truly enjoying one another & sharing so blessed thoughts w/each other! So glad y'all were able to do!
"HE is my beloved & I am HIS!" :)

--PS-I didn't mean that literally, as in "what were you saying?" Just wanted to clarify! :)

Iturblog said...

I've seen these, but sure didn't mind seeing them again! I LOVE them! So wonderful to see you so happy!