Sunday, May 6

Telling a few people...

March 2-3, 2012

So the day after we found out Chris and I talked about telling a few people, his parents, the Blackmans (since they were supposed to be moving to NC the next day) and planning to tell my family and the Delgados.  The Delgados & my family would take a bit of time because I wanted to tell the Delgados in person since we live close and I knew we would be heading to my niece's birthday party sometime in early April and hoped to tell some of my side of the family in person.

The snag in calling and telling the Wylie side of the family was that we wouldn't have the opportunity till that night which was a Friday.  It was also the day that Elizabeth (Blackman) was spending the night with us.  We talked and decided since she was the first person to know we were engaged it would be great for her to know about The Baby!  She picked going to Lenny's for dinner and then we were going to the movies to see the Lorax (cute movie btw).  Over dinner we told her that we were having a baby and she smiled and thought it was pretty cool that she got to know before everyone else.  We also told her that she couldn't tell her Mama or Daddy or brother when we got to breakfast the next morning that I would tell them. 

Chris called his parents who were out to dinner with his Grandad so he was able to tell them and then Grandad talked to me for a few and told me they were all excited.  Mom told Chris that she wouldn't say anything but he needed to tell his sisters soon. :)  So Chris called and left them messages later that night for them both and Liz called back.  (Oh and side note in the Wylie family there are no "In-Laws" we are all daughters, sons, sisters, brothers and it is very cool).   When Chris talked to Liz he was just talking to her about random stuff but she was out to dinner with friends so eventually he said
 "Well I'll let you get back to your friends I just wanted to let you know I got your sister pregnant". 
Then I am pretty sure he giggled.  He laughs at himself when he thinks he is funny and it is completely endearing to me, even though I usually roll my eyes I love seeing him laugh.

The next morning we met the Blackmans for breakfast and Elizabeth did a great job as a secret keeper.  After we ordered I told them that Chris and I had gotten a surprise this past week.  And then told them that we are going to have a baby.  They were excited (esp Lisa of course). (She said later she wasn't sure if it was going to be a move or a baby.)

Jess had been told via text message that morning I had told her we weren't telling people yet. She told me she is not peoples so she doesn't count as a person who doesn't get to know.  She stopped by and so I showed her the test and there were hugs all around, yes I know that is a little weird that I showed her the test but she gets that.

Later in the afternoon Chris' sister Laura called and they chatted and then he told her that I was pregnant (we thought I was about 5 weeks but we found out later I was a bit further along than that).  She was excited and SO encouraging to me over the next few weeks. 

I am SO glad we have the amazing loving family/friend support that we do and so many people who are encouraging and loving us even from far away.  This baby has already been surrounded by so much love and prayer already it is truly amazing.

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Lisa B said...

HA...I am just reading this. Precious memories. Love your little man. Gotta get over to HIS blog! Love & Miss y'all