Monday, May 7


March 9, 2012

I had gone over to a neighboring base to register with the OB department because the base we are currently stationed at only has a clinic (i.e. no OB). The day after I took the home test I had gone on base to have a blood test to confirm.  They called me a couple hours later to say come pick up your prenatal vitamins!!! :)  They also told me that I needed to register and the only hours I could make it were between 1pm and 3pm on a Friday since I get off half day.  So I leave my office at 2 pm thinking it will take me about 30 min to get to the hospital on base that I need to go to.  This was totally incorrect it took me 55 min to get to the hospital.  I pull up and I realize I have NO idea where I am supposed to go.  I look at the map and take an elevator up to the 2nd floor.   That gets me to the right floor but I can't get to the part of floor I need to from there.  I go back down and there is no one at the information desk so I try walking around aimlessly for a few min and decide to go back to the lab desk because there is usually someone there.  I walk up and see a familiar face, our friend Lee is working.  I say hi (relieved to see someone I know) and then I am immediately struck with a conundrum. We aren't telling people!!!! I am desperate so I ask him where OB is and he smiles and points me in the right direction.

So I get up stairs by this point it is 3:07.  I walk up to the desk and tell the attendant that I know I am late but ask if I can fill out the paperwork needed.  He starts to act like he is going to say no and then he looks at me and asks "Are you going to cry?"  I said "I am trying not to but I don't know when I will be able to get back out here and I had no idea it would take almost an hour to get here from my office".  I was pretty much just rambling and he handed me the paperwork and said he would take care of it.  I filled it out and he told me he was impressed with my ability to follow directions and fill out all the assigned portions! Score!  He started to set my appointment and the first available that I could be at was Friday April 13th
"Yes I will take it!" 
He said "Are you sure? You're not superstitious?"
"No we aren't."   (I was thinking God is controlling this, I just want the first available!)

So then I went back down to the lab for gobs and gobs of blood tests and I am hoping to see Lee.  I get to the desk and he had just left.  Bummer.  So I finish my tests and leave, text Chris about my experience and then figure since Lee probably already expects I will text and let him know.  I also text Jess who is ecstatic since she has been dying to tell someone and now Lee knows!

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