Thursday, May 10

Telling the Delgados

March 16, 2012

Since there was a bit of time to plan we invited the Delgado Family over for a cookout and to tell them about the baby.  It ended up that due to scheduling conflicts only Mrs. Liz, Mr. Hector, Yull & Jessica.  Chris ended up putting together a crib that we were storing in the garage because I had the idea to put it in the guest bedroom and fill it with pink and blue balloons.  The idea was that we would casually mentioned to go back and they would see the crib. 

It ended up that we didn't get around to going to the back of the house until after dinner.  Afterwards I asked Yull if she would like to see the rest of the house since it was her first time at our house.  Jess mentioned that her parents should go and see all the changes we had made since they had been here last.  When we walked back to the guest room I said  "We actually just rearranged this room"  and turned on the light.  Mrs. Liz saw the crib and asked if I was pregnant.  They were all excited :).

March 17, 2012

The next morning Leslie, Jess & Jon were at the beach with Caden and invited me to come out.  I did and figured it would be a good time to tell Leslie and Jon.  I got there and got my chair set up and all settled in and then tried to figure out how I would tell them.

I remembered that I had taken a picture of the pregnancy test with my phone.  I pulled it up and said to Jon "Wanna see my latest picture?".  He came over and looked, he screamed and jumped in my lap!  Leslie looked and was trying to figure out what was going on.  I showed her the picture and then lots of talking all at once was going on.  Apparently right before I got there they had just been asking Jess if we were going to have a baby anytime soon.

We told Caden and he told me he thought it should be a boy cousin. :) 

Caden ended up telling Hector James the next day because he didn't know that I hadn't told him yet. So after that weekend we just had to tell my side of the family and it could be public knowledge. :)

I had talked to my sister in law and found out the party would be April 14th so that would be after our first appointment.

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