Friday, May 11

First Appointment

Look it!  New Due Date 10/24/12

April 13, 2012

So on Friday the 13th Chris and I headed to the OB department for the first appointment.  I was SO excited but also a bit anxious.  Just wanting so badly to see the baby and for everything to be all right.  I had a FABULOUS midwife who answered all of my questions (including the silly ones) and then we had an ultrasound.  It was a completely amazing experience to see the baby for the first time.  As soon as it came on the screen I could see the heart beat.  Chris and I both were smiling from ear to ear!  She turned up the machine so we could hear the heartbeat and it was 140.  She took some pictures and gave us the one above. I think it is completely amazing that you can see the backbone and the brain as well as the teeth.  Totally a profile shot.  We saw the baby moving around (A LOT) on the screen we could tell what everything was. :)  I wasn't completely sure about the due date and when measuring they moved the date up one week.  After we were finished with the ultrasound Chris told me "Happy Birthday, there is no way I can top that."  (My birthday is the 16th).  I could NOT stop smiling.  The midwife told us that everything looked good, she said "Looks like a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy".  This put my mind at ease which was evident when they retook my blood pressure since it had been high due to my anxiety at the beginning of the appointment and was completely normal at the end. :)

Chris and I went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate and I got Tiramisu for dessert to go (since Olive Garden doesn't put alcohol in theirs).  I ended up not eating it for two more days but when I did it was so yummy!

When I text the family with the picture and the new due date my favorite response was from our niece whose birthday is the 18th of October and she said "6 days early, plz."  Love that she (and many other family members) want to share their day with the new baby!

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