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Trip To Atlanta

April 14, 2012

Finally time to tell my side of the family! 

Chris and I got up and got ready to make the drive to Atlanta for the day.  We weren't able to stay overnight because of responsibilities here at home so it made for a very long day.  My husband is a rockstar though, he drove the whole way there and back because I wasn't feeling the greatest in the car on the way up, and slept on the way back. 

When we got to Atlanta we enjoyed the party activities and watching all the kiddos run around.  Also had great food and got to catch up with Hank.  Patsy was running around keeping the party activities going.  Towards the end of the party my Aunt Nancy arrived with Jaden and we were able to hang out with them as well.

I had told my Uncle David a few days before because I found out he was not going to be able to make it to the party.  Since he had asked me in February if we were expecting and I had told him no (since I didn't know at that point that we were) I figured it would be nice to let him know.    

I had text Nancy the day before because I had filled out a questionaire about family history and wanted to know what type of diabetes runs in our family.  I guess I asked too many questions because she told David that she wondered if I was becoming a hypocontriac.  I figured that would give me the perfect segway to tell her we were expecting.  So she was sitting talking to Hank and Chris and I told her I had gone to the doctor yesterday and I wanted to show her the results.  Then I tried to hand her the sonogram in a paper.  She turned right as I was handing it to her and I ended up hitting her and dropping it. AYE! 

At the same time I handed her the sonogram Chris turned to Hank and said "Oh yeah by the way I got your sister pregnant".

So we were all talking about it and Patsy walked out of the house and saw the sonogram and then looked at me all weird, I shook my head yes and she said "Ok that makes more sense I was wondering why you guys drove all this way just for a 5 year old's birthday party!"
Jaden had been playing with the kids so later someone said to him while he was standing right next to me "Did you know your Aunt Kendra is pregnant?"  He said yeah look at her and pointed to my stomach.  We all laughed.  I was not showing yet although I have added a bit of weight around my middle thus far.

We left shortly after and headed home.   This trip was a HUGE act of love to me from my sweet husband.  He doesn't prefer short trips and that much driving in one day took a lot out of him.  It meant so much to me for him to make the quick trip!

On the drive home I made the other calls to the rest of my sibilings and then called my Grandma.  I think Grandma knew as soon as she answered the phone because it seemed like she expected it.  I love talking to her on the phone although it doesn't happen near often enough.  She shared with me about her pregnancies and I asked about how big her babies were, I was especially interested to know about my Mom.  She gave me what she thought they were but kept looking for a card she has with all their information written down.  I told her it was fine and she could let me know later.  We talked about a lot of other things and then said goodbye a little while later.  After we hung up she called me back about 5 min later that she had found the information.  It was very special that she would look for it and call me back so I could have the information about Mom.

I also text My Aunt Valerie and Cousin April with our sonogram picture since Grandma had told me they were working late due to Tax Season.  It was comical because we had just seen them 2 months earlier and I was pregnant but had no clue! :)

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