Thursday, December 27

Dinner with the Delgados

As is tradition we had our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve this year... we had a lot of fun as you can see from the pictures. The Blackmans joined us, the food was great, the company even better. The Korean exchange students taught us a few clapping games one a friend test kept us entertained for awhile and then a game called Zero had a funny start. We ended with a new version of paper rock scissors that ended with me doing the splits. It was a ton of fun. Being together was so important and so nice. Thank you God for your great blessing of these people in my life!

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I have yet to see ALL these pics...but I will. We LOVED being with all the Delgados, exchange students and YOU Aunt Kendra! :) Thank you! :) *hey I still need that recipe for coquito! (can't remember if that is the spelling Jess told me!) Remind Jess & Mr. Hector! :) YUM!